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Machig Ling Project

“Machig Ling ”
Spiritual Well-Being Community Centre

In our modern time, the art of living simply together and in solidarity is being lost. That is why many among us are looking for preserved places, where we can find serenity, mutual aid and, individual and collective transformation.  Preserving our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, preserving the nourishing earth, sharing knowledge and skills for the benefit of all, these are the objectives of the “Machig Ling project”.

Chöpda Lama Rinpoche, founder of this project, is a Chödpa from a Ngagpa (White Robe Sangha) family, who carries on the legacy of his beloved late father, the Venerable Kalsang Rinpoche. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche dedicates all his energy to the transmission of the teachings of Machig Labdrön for the liberation of all sentient beings.

Through encounters and experience, Chödpa Lama Rinpoche has understood what is needed in the West and decided to set up the project of a “Machig Ling”. A Spiritual ‘well-being’ community centre, for the benefit of all.

Multiple activities

  • Study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Meditation, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Martial Arts
  • Humanitarian projects in the Himalayan area for education and health
  • Conferences on various themes (Alternative, spiritual, societal, …)
  • Permaculture, workshops on the local fauna/flora through mindful walks, preservation of the forest and the surrounding area
  • Massage trainings, training and workshops of various well-being and personal development arts
  • And much more!

Mother nature provides us with all that is necessary to live on this beautiful and precious Earth. It is important to respect and protect the environment. Machig Ling center will be an eco-friendly place with projects such as permaculture, environmental development, and renewable energies.

A wonderful local team dedicated to the activities

A few words about the local team for those who don’t know them. A longstanding friendship for some, more recent with others, but a true friendship built on ethical principles inseparable from our everyday life these are  joy, generosity, sharing, humility, concern for an exemplary attitude in daily life at the service of collective intelligence, all sealed by assiduity in our spiritual practice dedicated to the Happiness of Humanity.

How to support Machig Ling Project?

In order to acquire this place and carry out this project collectively, the support of the greatest number is kindly required. Indeed, the greater the number of donors, the less individual effort will be required and the quicker the project will start.

The target amount of this project is 500,000 euros so far we have collected 50,000 euros. We are looking for generous donations for the remaining 450,000 euros to complete this beautiful project.

To support this project, please fill in and send the pledge form by clicking the button below   :


For further information, please contact us:

  • Catherine (english):  +33 6 10 29 74 45
  • Denis (french):  06 41 38 64 51
  • Email : info@machigling.org

Chödpa Lama Rinpoche wishes these donations to be made with total generosity thus bringing immeasurable merits, described by the Buddha in a very precise manner.

The Buddha’s teaching says:

“Although the world is filled with wealth and treasures, these themselves are not the causes for attaining the unsurpassable state of supreme Bodhicitta. Rather it is only the merit, although it is as small as a tiny mustard seed, of creating a temple or a Buddha statue that is the cause of the unsurpassable state of Bodhicitta which leads to Buddhahood.”

“The Earth”

Earth, we live and die in your bosom
In your bosom we feel all our misfortunes and joys.
You are our old ancestral home.
We cherish and love you forever.
Our wish: to transform you into the pure land of our dreams.
Our wish: to transform you into the land of welcome for all creatures.
Open to all without any prejudice.
We want to transform you into a warm, gentle and caring goddess.
Our hope in you is stronger than ever
Therefore we pray to you to be the earth on which we can all live
To make all these wishes come true,
To make all these wishes come true.
Don’t show us the dark side of your character,
Where the scourges of nature are unleashed.
In every corner of our world
May it prosper as a fertile field of peace and joy,
Rich in the leaves and fruits of happiness,
Fragrant with the delicious scents of freedom.
May our countless and infinite wishes be fulfilled.

 Composed by the 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje