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A Project for a noble cause

Machig Ling Centre Project

A Centre of Spiritual Wellbeing

“My vision is to build an authentic White Robe Sangha to preserve and promote the doctrine of Chöd of Machig Labdrön, since specifically there is no Chöd temple.”
Chöpa Lama Rinpoche

In our modern time, the art of living simply together and in solidarity is being lost. That is why many among us are looking for preserved places, where we can find serenity, mutual aid and, individual and collective transformation.  Preserving our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, preserving the nourishing earth, sharing knowledge and skills for the benefit of all, these are the objectives of the Machig Ling project.

Chöpa Lama Rinpoche, founder of this project, is a Chöpa from a Ngagpa (White Robe Sangha) family, who carries on the legacy of his beloved late father, the Venerable Kalsang Rinpoche. Rinpoche is the third generation of a family of a Chöd lineage. He dedicates all his energy to the transmission of the teachings of Machig Labdrön for the liberation of all sentient beings. Through encounters and experience, Chöpa Lama Rinpoche has understood what is needed in the West and decided to set up the project of a Machig Ling centre, a spiritual well-being community for the benefit of all.

A project for a noble cause

Wellbeing through the combination of ancient Buddhist techniques and modern approaches for people from all walks of life.”

Transmitting and preserving the tibetan buddhsim and particularly the precious teachings of Chö. These are the teachings of Machig Labdrön, on how to free oneself through non-clinging. This practice became well known in the late 10th century.
In the Manjushri Root Tantra, Lord Buddha prophesied: “When my teachings become like a tealeaf, the Great Mother will be born and her name will be Labdrön. Her activities will be very far-reaching. Anyone who has anything to do with her will be liberated.”

  • Mindfulness
  • Traditional meditation, walking meditation
  • Traditional tibetan buddhist retreats
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Traditional medicines
  • Naturopathy, sylvotherapy
  • Workshops, trainings and lectures
  • Personnal support
  • Support for people suffering from anxiety and depression.
  • Art classes, vegetarian cooking class and so on.
  • Local and international humanitarian actions.

As our precious life depends on the nature, Machig Ling Centre will be a place of ecology using renewable energies, developing permaculture, planting trees, promoting vegetarianism and providing education on the environment which is open to everyone.

“A wonderful local team with a true friendship based on ethical principles : joy, generosity, sharing, humility. Totally dedicated to the Happiness of Humanity. ”

Our future main base in Europe

A beautiful property situated near Perpignan in France and surrounded by forests, rivers and set between the mountains and the sea.

We finally found a wonderful opportunity to purchase this beautiful property in Tautavel, not far from a prehistoric site where the skull of a 450,000 year old fossil man was discovered in 1971. With its exceptional setting, the Mas de l’Alzine gives us the possibility of offering various indoor and outdoor activities for people from all walks of life all the year round, with the capacity to accommodate a larger number of people for short or long stays.

We need your generous support now

The total cost of this project is approximately 800,000 Euros.

1st step: buy the property
The property price is about 600,000 euros. Today we have received donations of approximately 250,000 Euros. We need now 350,000 Euros to buy the property.

2nd step: renovation
Once we have purchased is done, we will need 200,000 euros for the renovations. We will start first the urgent renovations to be able to start the activities in September 2022 or maybe earlier in summer for the next Chöd retreat.

We have a long way to go to reach our goal of 800,000 Euros. We would highly appreciate your precious and generous donations – without your support we are unable to accomplish this project. 

Any contribution you can make to enable us to fulfil this project and its goals will in turn benefit many lives for generations to come. This is a rare opportunity for anyone to generate merit, and that merit will become the cause for a better life – in this life and in lives to come.

Countless heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported our project already, those who are continuing to help us and to the future benefactors.

Donate now to support this project!

For further information, please contact us:

  • Catherine (english):  +33 6 10 29 74 45
  • Denis (french):  06 41 38 64 51
  • Email : info@machigling.org

Chödpa Lama Rinpoche wishes these donations to be made with total generosity thus bringing immeasurable merits, described by the Buddha in a very precise manner.

Earth, we live and die in your bosom
In your bosom we feel all our misfortunes and joys.
You are our old ancestral home.
We cherish and love you forever.
Our wish: to transform you into the pure land of our dreams.
Our wish: to transform you into the land of welcome for all creatures.
Open to all without any prejudice.
We want to transform you into a warm, gentle and caring goddess.
Our hope in you is stronger than ever
Therefore we pray to you to be the earth on which we can all live
To make all these wishes come true,
To make all these wishes come true.
Don’t show us the dark side of your character,
Where the scourges of nature are unleashed.
In every corner of our world
May it prosper as a fertile field of peace and joy,
Rich in the leaves and fruits of happiness,
Fragrant with the delicious scents of freedom.
May our countless and infinite wishes be fulfilled

Composed by the 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje

Thank You