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Mö Divination

Divination Juthig Mö

Mö Divination is an accurate technique for answering questions and providing methods of healing, dating back through centuries of Tibetan Buddhist culture.

This divination and healing ceremony is known to be extremely beneficial to those who are suffering from spiritual, mental or physical ailments and their associated obstacles.

Questions of health, wealth, and prosperity unfold in the Mö Master’s special command of the Mö and the empowering ceremonies, or Pujas, which follow the Mo Divination itself.

The Mö Master locates specific obstacles, if there are any, and explains how to clear the obstacle. With the obstacle gone, success follows.

Consulting the methods of the Mö by Chödpa Lama Rinpoche helps us balance our energy, raising those energy areas which are low and creating harmony. This balance and harmony apply to areas of inner life such as mental well-being, spiritual practice and spiritual health, along with areas in our outer life, such as physical health, relationships, business concerns or travel, to name a few.