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Thoughts of the day

Chödpa Lama Rinpoche’s Wisdom Thoughts


“Try to be happy with small things in your life, I guarantee you will be happy with every small things in your short life. Otherwise no matter how much you have yet you will never be happy.

“I try”… that is the only I or anyone can do, but at the end you have to put out of yourself.

Love and peace”

The Wanderer Chöpa Lama


“Before you read this, it’s important not to judge, only try to apply it if it’s for you, if it’s not for you then it could for someone else.

Habitually thinking negatively is second nature for a lot of people. Which is being not happy, judging others, always seeing things oddly, complaining regardless of how wonderful life is. We often do it and don’t even realize that we are doing so. But has it got to the point where you see you are not getting along with others? If so, then this is a habit that can severely hamper your social standing and your own success in life. The truth is, being negative won’t get you very far. The more negative you are, the worse you will likely feel, which just starts an ugly cycle.

If you are feeling that your negative attitude is affecting your life, then you can start working on strategically to reverse that. You can implement a way to stop being negative.

First, most important thing is being negative—specifically, how it can hurt both your personal and social life. So it’s wise to change it now, you will enjoy your life right away from now.

May the Love and peace pervade in all directions.”

The Wanderer Chöpa Lama | 04/10/2021

“You should start your day with right connection, which is connecting with divinity. That way your own divine power will arise, then you will experience happier day and happier month and year, if it goes on that way. Then enlightenment is on the way. It’s evident for all of us, there are many good things we have in our life at all the time, so why should we focus only on things that are not good. Example if you are able to breath smoothly that is very precious and should be appreciated, if you fail to acknowledge this preciousness, then you have lot of work to do on yourself.”

The Wanderer Chöpa Lama | 04/03/2021

Pictures of the most precious Tenga Rinpoche and Yangsi Tenga Rinpoche | 04/03/2021
By the Wanderer Chöpa Lama | March 2021

“Be sure to look after yourself, while health it’s in your hand.

Be aware!

Aggressiveness, rigidity and harshness are the causes of pain for self and other surrounding friends and families for this life and the next life as well.”

Chöpa Lama Rinpoche | 08/25/2020


“Cut, cut now!
Or you will never be able to cut in this Life.
Give, give, give, give it away!
Orthewise your attachements will be blockages for your own liberation from samsara in this life.”

Chödpa Lama Rinpoche

Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, May 13th, 2020

« Train yourself in equipoise, eventually your shakey mind will settle. »

Homage to Urgyen Lhamo by Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, 2016

“Life is so so precious! Try to enjoy it while you can before you can’t, by eating healthy food, meditating, practicing flexibility, gentleness, openness and of course, practice compassion. All these energies are essential for your well being.”

By Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, May 05th, 2020

“With beautiful daily morning practice, take a little break from endlessly running after things like a rollercoaster in our life, and yet so full of dissatisfactions. The main intention of sharing this, is to inspire those who are lost in the appearances of a world of illusion, and those who are not engaged in precious practice like this to overcome their sufferings in samsara.

May this precious practice, which is like medicine for the well-being and an indispensable substance in our beautiful life, so this may benefit many beings.

Love is light, light is hope without love and light, life is not life.”

By Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, May 4th, 2020

Tashi Deleg everyone,

Hope you all are doing well. Another marvellous day in our life, try to feel it, see it, sense it, enjoy it without intellectualizing and blablabalaying, that means without getting complicated about what it is or what it isn’t and then fail to let go. You and I both know about almost everything and particularly that tomorrow is full of uncertainties and yet ,there is no guarantee that you or I will experience another marvellous day with a nice breakfast on the table. We may be here but a marvellous day…? There are no guarantees in this life and so many people have contacted me, who are sick, dead and dying, or full of samsara drama. These are the facts please learn let to go and set yourself free. I can only encourage and show you the path of liberation but don’t  expect me to fix your dilemmas.

Love you all.”

By Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, April 29th, 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hope you all are safe and well. As a teacher it is my duty to remind you about reality and help you all walk through this precious and complicated journey. Precious by nature but complicated by ignorance and ego grasping. Either way we can’t just let it go like that because deep in our hearts we have the desire to be happy, right? If you let it go then you will never be happy. Even though your ignorance says ‘I don’t care what they think, I want it just like that’. Doesn’t that sound like it was spoken in ignorance? You can still say NO it’s not, that’s alright you have your rights to say whatever you wish. However, you will see the ignorant part when someone else tells that to you because at that time your are looking at them or your hearing from them because your attention is on them. But when you ignorantly say I don’t care at that time, your attention is not on what you said but your attention is more on constructing the ignorant response rather then the sound itself. Yes or no? So if you genuinely want to be happy then be gentle, that echo of your gentleness will benefit you, be kind, echo of your kindness will also benefit you, be compassionate, echo of your compassion will benefit you, be thoughtful, echo of your thoughtfulness will benefit you and be free of ego grasping, echo of your free of ego-grasping will benefit you. All experience is based on the echo of your three actions of body, speech and the mind. That’s all for today and I will never give up on any of you.

Love you all.”

By Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, April 27th, 2020