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9th Summer Denthog Chigma Chöd Retreat

Denthog Chigma Chöd Retreat is held annually in France, to accomplish enlightenment within one lifetime for oneself and the benefit of all sentient beings.

This practice was composed by the 8th Karmapa Mikyö Dorje and detail teachings by the 5th Shamarpa Konchog Yenlag.

The 8th Karmapa Mikyö Dorje

Our precious master Chödpa Lama Rinpoche has received Denthog Chigma instructions directly from precious late Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, and Tenga Rinpoche has received them directly from Pal Gyalwang 16th Karmapa.

Rinpoche has been leading Denthog Chigma Retreat in France for the past 8 years. And this year will be the 9th Annual Retreat which will take place in Perpignan area, South of France known as “Paradise Perpignan”.



All Chödpas/Chödmas who have received empowerment are welcome, regardless of which lineage, as long as you have received empowerment from an authentic lineage Master.

Schedule for the 9th Denthog Chigma Chöd Retreat

Saturday, October 17th | Chöd retreat in Saillagouse
  • Arrival at the camping Domaine le Cerdan
  • Preparation of the place for the Chöd retreat
1st Day – Monday , October 19th | Denthog Chigma Chöd retreat
  • 8am – 12 pm: First session begins with Mandala Offering and Lama Gyangbod prayer (Calling Lama from Afar) & Teachings on Denthog Chigma for new participant and also Dharma Talk.

Officially silent retreat start from here :

  • 1pm – 3pm: First session of Dentog Chigma.
  • 4 pm – 6pm: Second session of Denthog Chigma.
  • 7pm – 9pm: Group practice of Chö Dagdogma (Lujin means body offering) and follow confession prayer to restore all downfalls.
From 2nd day to 4th day – Tuesday, October 20th to Thursday, October 22nd
  • 6am – 7:30am: Mandala Offering and Lama Gyangbod prayer
    (Calling Lama from Afar).
  • 9am – 11am: First session Denthog Chigma session.
  • 1pm – 3pm: Second session.
  • 4pm – 6pm: Third session.
  • 7pm: Group practice of Chöd Dagdogma and confession prayer to restore all downfalls.

Till October 22nd follows the same schedule.

5th Day – Friday, October 23rd
  • 5am – 7am: First session of Chö Tsogley Rinchen Trengwa.
  • 8am – 12pm: Second session.
  • 1pm – 3pm: Fire puja.
  • 4pm – 6pm: Last session along with dedication prayer and appreciation katag offering, gesture of gratitude for the precious teachings to our precious master Chöpa Lama Rinpoche.
Saturday, October 24th | Departure

Packing and departure.

Sunday, October 25th | Chöd empowerment at the Centre de Pleine Conscience
  • Chöd empowerment and teaching at the Centre de Pleine Conscience in Perpignan.
  • You have the possibility to be accomodated at the Centre de Pleine Conscience.


This year, there will not have Sand Mandala Ceremony.

You must arrive on October 17th. 

Acceptance to the retreat is by online registration and there are prerequisites for this retreat:

  • Based on the text this practice must be done in strictly silent retreat.
  • From the day 1st evening until day 5th morning you should remain in silence and would not be able to use your telephone.
  • You must attend retreat from the 1st day and can not leave the retreat until last day.

Please bring:

  • a flash light;
  • sleeping bag or bed sheet and blanket;
  • bath towel ;
  • warm clothes;
  • your Ngagpa robe and zen if you have;
  • a meditation cushion ;
  • pencil, eraser and notebook ;
  • cash offering for the daily tsoks (we will have a box to put money for the tsok);
  • cash for offering to Rinpoche and for the shop;
  • your Dharma texts: Daily prayers, Lujin, Denthog Chigma, Calling the Lama from afar.

Dear all attendees to the 9th Chöd Denthog Chigma retreat,

A few words about the current health situation and precautions we will be taking.

The Chöd Denthog Chigma retreat is always a precious and rejoicing moment in the life of the Sangha. Rinpoche wants everybody to take full advantage of it, with minimum risks for health and maximum serenity. To do so, here are few simple rules to follow and a call for the responsibility and common sense of all of us :

1. Sworn statement :

Please download here below a sworn statement about your health status (regarding the current epidemics) to be filled in and given to the organizers at your arrival at the retreat place.

In brief, this is a contract of confidence where each attendee agrees to inform the organizer of any symptoms that could occur before, during and after the retreat.

2. Covid test :

Beyond that, Rinpoche has decided to do a PCR test in Canada, just before his flight to France, in order to minimize the risk of becoming a vector of the virus for us. This personal endeavor is an example of what attendees can do before coming, to protect others as much as possible. This is even more relevant for those who come from highly endemic areas.

3. The retreat site :

The area is well ventilated so there won’t be the need for a mask everywhere, simply keeping the social distance as needed.

4. Inside the temple :

Please come with a mask and be ready to use it when everybody is moving, and when social distances are no longer possible to maintain. Once everybody is sitting you won’t need to wear it.

5. The common spaces :

Again, it is only a question of common sense:

  • cleaning the bathroom after use,
  • wearing a mask when you are cooking,
  • keep the social distance when you are helping yourself during the meals,
  • and, so on …


  • Flat rate for the full retreat | 7 nights from Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th:
    • mobile home for 1 couple or 1 person : €450 
    • mobile home 3/4 persons : €450
    • confortable and spacious mobile home 3/4 persons : €450
  • All options includes:
    • 3 time meals;
    • accommodations;
    • teachings;
    • 5 days retreat.

Deposit: 150€/200€ by bank transfer (please send an email to info@machigling.org) and the amount remaining due by cash at the retreat place.



11 Route d Estavar, Saillagouse, FR 66800

By car:
From Perpignan : A9 (exit Perpignan sud) , RN116 direction Prades
Andorre, Mont-Louis, Saillagouse. In front of the church, turn right for 100m.
From Toulouse : RN20 direction Foix, Ax les Thermes, Bourg-Madame, Saillagouse. Straight ahead when the church is on your left.
From Barcelona : Cadi tunnel, Puigcerda, Bourg-Madame, Saillagouse.

GPS : Latitude = 42.46’05” Longitude = 2.03’52”

By train or plane:
Please contact Denis at 00 33 641 38 64 51 to inform your arrival date and if you need someone to pick you up at the train stations Mont Louis or Latour de Carole.

For further information:

Contact at info@machigling.org or call Denis at 00 33 641 38 64 51 (french) or call Anne at 00 33 651106727 (english, french).


Registration is required for all participants. Because of limitation of space and necessary arrangements you must register online in advance and you must pay 150/200 euros as deposit to hold the space for you. Once you booked you cannot cancel.

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